It is critical for any business to have a prominent and accessible presence on the web, and other forms of widely used digital media. Trudon offers you a wide range of web-based solutions that are designed for the needs of your brand and your budget.


We email, SMS, MMS, browse, link, blog, text, tweet, like, share, upload, download and stream the majority of the information and experience that we engage with on a daily basis.

So, why should YOU “Go Digital”?
It is a marketing strategy that communicates to an audience without being intrusive.

It’s measurable
It’s targetable
It’s built-in added value
It’s affordable

The digital medium allows you to track and accurately measure exactly how much traffic your website and your advertising campaigns are generating.

Whether you cater for a mass market or a niche market, across the country or across your suburb, digital spaces can be adapted to reach your specified market, ensuring that every penny spent is effectively.

Utilise platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest to make your message go viral by getting people to talk about your brand – to you, to each other and to everyone they know. It’s the definitive value-added solution that extends your ROI even further!

Increase Market Share

  • Year One
  • Year Two
  • Year Two

We are extremely proud of the innovative services we offer. Our team of professionals will help businesses evolve in this new digital era. –Bradley Swanepoel, CFO

Digital marketing and advertising allows you to market smarter, better and more cost effectively. Get more reach, more accurate targeting and greater conversions at a fraction of your usual advertising costs.